Handmade Potholders (Hotpads) (Set of 4)

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Who knew a potholder could change your life!?!

Made of a special kind of yarn (our secret), these are no ordinary potholder. Handmade, Beautiful, Versatile, Durable, and Machine washable*, you will never need to own another hot-pad, glove, or trivet (except for maybe a second set of these).

I have been using mine regularly for 500* Sourdough bread pots and pizza stones for 8 years in addition to ordinary use and they are still going strong.

Makes gorgeous wedding presents and house warming gifts.

Multiple colors available to match any kitchen decor. (Subject to availability)

*While it technically won’t hurt your potholder to throw it in the dryer, it can make them “bunchy” until the fibers relax again. For best results, reshape while wet and lay flat to dry.



Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

2 reviews for Handmade Potholders (Hotpads) (Set of 4)

  1. Maria

    My family and I love these hot pads! I’ve had them for about a year. They are soft and wash up very well.

  2. Celestine

    These hot pads are simply amazing! I love mine. They are soft yet sturdy and very practical. From the stove to the table, I use them at every meal!

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