Spice Class Resources

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Great Sausage Making tools!


This Spice Rack comes with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years!

Spice Grinding

This Mortar and Pestle is beautiful! I love how heavy it is and how the interior is not polished (giving it some traction for your spices) without being holey.  I would get a nice brush to go with this to make sure I always got all my spices out, but I, personally, would probably never wash it (although the instructions say you can). It has phenomenal reviews. Now I want one for myself!  (The white one is a little smaller but still perfect for spices. It is a good option if you prefer the color. Same care instructions as the black. I love the textures and it is super pretty!)

Pepper Grinders are really a hit or miss but this one seems to have the best reviews. Of all the ones on there, this is the one I would buy!

As for the microplane, this is the exact one I use in my kitchen.  Works great. Stores in a nice case and fits perfectly in my utensil drawer. Love it 🙂

More Mortar and Pestle Options

Flavor Boosts!!! (Secret Ingredient)

Whole Spices!


More Whole Spice Options