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A happy wife and busy mother of 6 kiddos, I started my sourdough journey about 5 years ago… and now even my 8yo is sourdough obsessed!

It took me 2 years of trial and error to finally master the ins and outs of Sourdough baking but in the process I learned 2 important lessons:

1 – even “flop” recipes with wild yeast were more heathy, more delicious, more fun than anything you’ve ever tried before

2 – perseverance is totally worth it!! 

So, now I write to help YOU, the aspiring home cook, to find your groove so that wild yeast can become a natural and always exciting edition to your busy, balanced life.

You don’t HAVE to become a sourdough dropout!

 Whether you are overwhelmed with the wealth of information and techniques online, struggling to figure out what you are doing “wrong”, or simply frustrated with making it seem worth your while to maintain a starter, I hope that sharing what I’ve learned throughout my struggles along the way can make your path just a little smoother.

Happy baking!